Public Performance Event March 17 in Wynwood.  Art and science, climate change and youth, these very Miami elements make up the upcoming Art FOR the Sky "living painting" project Dale Andree's NWD Projects in association with Daniel Lewis' Miami Dance Futures, launches this winter. Working in collaboration with acclaimed photographer Daniel Dancer, who will be in residence in South Florida from March 15 through March 17, and his "Art FOR the Sky" organization, the project combines elements of visual art, dance, music and live performance to address the urgent issue of environmental degradation.
In the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, attention has been focused on rebuilding resilient coastal systems to reduce damage from future disasters. “Resilience” has been defined in a variety of ways; in general, resilience is having the capacity to recover or bounce back from adversity and adapt to be prepared for the future.
BROWARD COUNTY, FL - In December, Commissioners approved 15 new 5-year agreements for partners in the Broward Water Partnership dedicated to saving water. The Broward Water Partnership (BWP), a collaboration between Broward County, utilities and local governments was originally established in late 2011 to promote water conservation. The goal is simple: Save Water, Save Money, Save the Environment. The BWP, operating as the Conservation Pays program, aims to promote a stronger water conservation ethic through a number of initiatives including outreach, high efficiency toilet rebates, free showerheads and aerators, and pre-rinse spray valves for commercial kitchens in qualifying areas.
Coastal zone research projects around the nation will help coastal managers protect developed areas' beach dunes, which are vital to resilient communities, ecosystems and economies.
The Miami-Dade Beacon Council recently participated in region-wide panel to discuss the establishment of a South Florida Marine Research Hub. The discussion was convened by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance (the Alliance) and the Marine Industries Association of South Florida (MIASF). The panel included South Florida University Presidents, Marine Researchers, Economic Development Organizations, and Elected Officials who discussed the opportunity to launch an initiative for collaboration and investment in marine research throughout South Florida.
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